The interconnection of ultramodern technology and charity in the environment of cultural monuments or church buildings brings a whole new dimension to gifting and attracts a wider spectrum of visitors.

Manage your Charity Kiosks anytime, anywhere through the web portal

The web interface provides online overview and comprehensive management of all kiosks.

Up-to-date overview at every kiosk
  • All selected gifts
  • Battery Status
Manage settings for each kiosk
  • Donation amount
  • Method of interaction with donors
  • Accompanying texts

Engage attention attractive slim design

Unique patented Charity Kiosk solution.
Contactless credit card reader: VISA, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, DinersClub, China Union Pay, etc.
Innovative intelligent LED system which allows a new way of interactive communication with donors.
Connecting the system to a 4G / LTE network
Optional Power Supply: power from a regular electrical outlet / High-capacity LiPo battery for weekly power-free operation.

Technical parameters

Dimensions: cylinder diameter 220-250 mm, height 1045 mm
Weight: 80-120 kg depending on the material of the surface
Optional surface material: plastic, thick-walled glass, Corian artificial stone

Intelligent interactions with gifts

Intelligent LED system shows each incoming visitor information about the amount of the gift and then shows the donor confirmation of successful payment, including thanks.


Easy pick up
online tax document

Just enter the last 4 credit card numbers at and when and where the service was used… and done. As a donor, you will receive a tax document from the donation that you use as a deductible item from the tax base. More in v tax analysis.